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bath and body - SELF CARE SETS

Indulge in the gifting collection, an assortment of delightful fragrances, nourishing hand creams, refreshing body & hand washes and soothing lotions. After all, it pays to be both the giver and recipient. 

The Majestic Wonders Gift Set

Was $203. Experience the divine scents of exotic lands, with this trio of Trade Route gifts.



Was $203. Experience the fabled black rose as a nourishing and moisturising Body & Hand Wash and Lotion before indulging in the Maduro Leaf Candle, scented with smoke, leather and wood.


Blenheim Bouquet Aftershave Balm

A cocktail of lemon, black pepper and pine, fresh and fragrant as British wit.

$50 150 ml

The English Springtime Gift Set

Was $190. Bask in an oak’s shade and experience fresh bursts of citrus fruit and basil.


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