GIFTS - For Her

A lady’s fragrance should envelop her like gift wrap. Discover Penhaligon's scents for fabulously powdered and well-polished ladies.

The Favourite

Mischief-tinged musk: this fragrance wields its own royally charming power.

$208 100 ml


Radiant with peach, vanilla and blood orange, the Empressa’s scent bewitches.

$258 $125

The Tragedy of Lord George

Rich, noble, deceptive. Like our patriarch, this woody perfume has secrets.

$285 75 ml

Elisabethan Rose Body & Hand Lotion

A regal and demanding rose fragrance in a delicate Hand and Body lotion

$60 300 ml

Elisabethan Rose Body & Hand Wash

A most regal hand and body wash, scented with airy rose and vetiver.

$54 300 ml

Heartless Helen

A flourish of tuberose in mandarin-scented woods. Hooked? You will be.

$278 75 ml

Elisabethan Rose

The Tudor rose: symbol of Elizabethan England, immortalised in this airy scent.

$208 100 ml

Blenheim Bouquet

The classic Blenheim Bouquet scent is woodier and spicier in this luxury candle.

$52 140 g


The royal child delights in quince and perfumed roses. The height of luxury.

$208 100 ml


Full-bodied and floral, this parfum’s sweet face hides a sensuous nature.

$208 100 ml

Orange Blossom Body & Hand Lotion

A hand and body lotion, or a sun-drenched kiss of summer upon one’s skin?

$60 300 ml

Orange Blossom Body & Hand Wash

A honeyed floral hand and body wash, akin to bathing in sunshine.

$54 300 ml

The Coveted Duchess Rose

A sweet-scented Rose, ready for the picking. Not so innocent after all.

$285 75 ml


The Favourite’s floral waters lap like waves over skin soaked in mimosa and musk.

$54 300 ml


The Moon Goddess’ bath is perfumed with orange, jasmine and fir. Surrender.

$208 100 ml

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