COLLECTIONS - Trade Routes

What gifts will the ships bring home? Journey to a bygone era of exploration and daring discovery with these exotic perfumes. Trade Routes is infused with the vast array of decadent ingredients that arrived into the London docks at the end of the 19th century.


Lo, mystery and majesty! A city fragrant with warm vanilla, cedar and saffron.

$258 100 ml


So this is love. A mysterious perfume heady with rose, grapefruit and spice.

$258 100 ml

Halfeti Leather

An icon reborn: bergamot, leather and oud mingle in the bazaar’s heady haze.

$258 100 ml


New heights of Halfeti. A river of rum and spice carve into mighty Cedar’s scent.

$258 100 ml

As Sawira

A souk full of extravagant, seductive scents – bergamot, labdanum and oud.

$258 100 ml


Damascena rose, patchouli and saffron perfume this ancient, sensual city.

$258 100 ml


Radiant with peach, vanilla and blood orange, the Empressa’s scent bewitches.

$258 $125

Halfeti Body & Hand Wash

Cleanse hands and body with Halfeti’s heady potion of rose, fruit and spice.

$54 300 ml

Halfeti Body & Hand Lotion

Halfeti’s heady rose, grapefruit and spice scent infused in a rich lotion.

$60 300 ml


The Empressa showers gifts of peach, vanilla and orange on one’s hands and body.

$54 300 ml

Empressa Body & Hand Lotion

The Empressa’s sweet caress of fruit and vanilla in a luxurious lotion.

$60 300 ml


A warm breeze bears narcisse and tuberose over the complex fragrance of oud.

$220 100 ml


A boozy eau de toilette rich in bergamot, ylang-ylang and oud. Now pass the rum.

$208 100 ml


Eclectic India in a perfume. Cardamom and earthy amber soothed by milky rose.

$220 100 ml

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