A Word To The Wise: Ensuring A Sublime Night's Slumber

Ah, bedtime. One settles down yet sleep evades. Perhaps these tips from Alex Shannon shall send your restless soul into a dreamland of countless sheep.

Word to the Wise Good Night's Sleep

Tips Of The Trade From The Butler

A butler is master of many a trade, don’t you know – simply ask The Omniscient Mr Thompson, the newest addition to the Portraits Mansion. One requires a sharp memory, a sharper eye, and the sharpest of ears (the better for listening at thin walls). So, in celebration of our all-knowing new fragrance, Penhaligon's has spoken to experts in their field for their wisdom on all manner of affairs.

Allow Penhaligon's to introduce, A Word to the Wise. You are most welcome, old chap.


We sat down with Alex Shannon, an avid nap enthusiast (who would believe?) for his tips on getting a sublime night's sleep - after all, smelling fabulous is no replacement for beauty sleep.

1. Calm All Your Senses

Consider the sounds, scents, and textures that make you feel most relaxed, then try to incorporate those into a personalised sleep routine.​


  2. Change With The Seasons

Opt for heavier fabrics – think fleece pyjamas and wool blankets – in winter, then switch out for lightweight cotton and linen in summer.​


3. Stick To A Schedule

Try to go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day (yes, even weekends!) to get your body accustomed to a regular routine.​

4. Cool Things Down

A warm lavender bath, a steamy shower, or even a hot cup of chamomile tea before bed can help prime your body for sleep as it naturally cools down.​

5. Do Not Disturb

  Make sure your sleep space is dark, quiet, and well-ventilated in order to avoid unnecessary discomforts or disruptions during the night.​

6. Go By The Book

Keep a ‘sleep journal’ next to your bed to note down any nagging thoughts before sleep (or vivid dreams during the night), so your mind can stay clear.

 7. Tell Yourself A Story

Visualise a detailed story (as fantastical as you like!) while you're lying in bed to pre-condition your brain for dream-creation mode.​


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