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Six charming British getaways. Six iconic 30ml fragrances

There’s a destination for every predilection; a getaway to suit every gallivanter. So come with us. Swap your travelling case for a spritz of your favourite Penhaligon’s scent, and let your senses roam…​

Endymion Perfume

A scent to embrace through any Tunnel Of Love – bergamot and coffee float on a sea of suede and geranium. A worthy holiday romance, indeed.​


Artemisia perfume

A scent to keep up with any intrepid holiday hiker. Refreshing nectarine strolls aside jasmine and creamy vanilla. Shall we rest here for a while?​


Blenheim Bouquet​

A British seaside holiday deserves the most British of scents, with bursts of lemon, pine and black pepper.​