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A Symphony of Delicious Scent


Written by Penhaligon's Times

Many a work of art is greater than the sum of its parts. A painting, with its carefully composed shades, hues and textures. A piece of music, with floaty highs, sinewy middles and deep basses, coming together in perfect harmony. Fragrance, too, can be a many layered masterpiece, if one has the right ingredients.

Needless to say, a spritz of Penhaligon’s eau de parfum or eau de toilette is more than adequate by itself. But once you’ve found your perfect scent, it’s only natural to covet it in many different forms. And would you know, we have just the thing. Many of our most-loved fragrances are available to enjoy as lotions, body wash, soaps and bath oils. 

Perhaps Halfeti is your one and only? Layer your love with body and hand lotion, imparting a new richness to your skin’s scent. 

If nothing but Blenheim Bouquet will do, you simply must try the bath oil. Close your eyes, sink in, and imagine yourself in the Palace. 

Sartorial, with its striking blend of chalky lavender and beeswax, can be enjoyed in more than five incarnations, including a shower gel, deodorant, shaving cream and a beard oil. What more could a dapper gent need?

One doesn’t need an excuse to indulge in a languorous grooming ritual, of course. But for any Doubting Thomases, there is also a practical benefit to layer one’s fragrance: it serves to make the scent last longer and to project more powerfully. 

So the next time you’re perfume shopping, give in to your decadent side and keep a nose out for a scent that’s available in several delectable guises. 


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