Has one set their sights on a potential paramour? Win them head over heels with these infallible tips from yours truly.

Penhaligon's Guide to Flirtatious Fancy

Love is oft described as a game, but Penhaligon's believe it's more of an opera. Ensnare the perfumed paramour of your dreams in five acts, and one shall fall in love before the curtain closes.


Act I: A Passing Glance

Any successful seduction starts with an innocent (or not-so-innocent) glance across the room. Eyes meet in a flash of passion and desire... or is it panic and confusion? One can never be too sure. Simply carry on with the delusion.

Act II: A Secret Smile

Softly, gently (like a spritz of perfume), share a smile with your intended. Try not to be overzealous – one wouldn't want to cause alarm, now. Nothing is unattractive more than a garish grin, and one aims to strike a chord with the heartstrings of one's nose.

Act III: A Naughty Wink

My, aren't things heating up! Subtle yet sultry, a well-timed wink shall have one swooning in the stalls. A word of caution: this daringly dapper move is prone to backfire if one hasn't mastered the art of closing one eyelid at a time.

Act IV: A Brush of the Hand

Seemingly accidental yet brimming with intention, it's time for a little skin-on-skin action (steady on, there). Start off with a gentle caress one can pass off as carelessness if all goes wrong. There ought to be more than whiff of attraction in the air, now.

Act V: A Note Between the Fingers

Now for the final act. Slip a note (preferably perfumed) between the fingers of your beloved. Arrange a secret rendezvous where you can charm and disarm – perhaps behind the curtains? One is well on their way to a stwhat do olen heart. ​


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