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How to wear fragrance: A definitive guide


Written by Penhaligon's Times

Just as wild animals mark their territory, a person’s fragrance extends the personal space they inhabit. 

Indeed, perfumes smell different depending on the wearer, so one must choose a fragrance that fits well with the body’s natural pheromones. When you find the right match, the unique fragrance you create is quite alluring. It will never be quite the same on anyone else! 

The splash and dash routine of our youth simply won’t do any longer. It’s time to up our fragrance game, and Penhaligon’s is here to help.

Where to spray? And when? Read these do's and don’ts for a more considered approach to wearing perfume.

DON’T apply fragrance to the face, particularly eau de toilette as their high oil content can cause irritation.

DO apply in the right areas. Get to know your hotspots! Pulse points are often the wrists, neck – the places where our blood flows closer to the surface. Your skin’s warmth will unlock the power of your fragrance.

DON’T apply fragrance directly onto your clothing. It doesn’t develop
correctly and can also damage your precious garments.

DO layer up. If you’ve found a fragrance that works for you, consider investing in multiple products from the same range (body & hand lotions, soaps, aftershave balms). This will prevent you from wearing a heady cocktail of competing smells (not to mention that many body products are over-fragranced).

DON’T overload yourself. Beware – your nose quickly adapts to your chosen fragrance, making it appear less potent to you than it does to others. Approach any fragrance labelled ‘intense’ or ‘concentrate’ with caution.

DO spray onto a freshly bathed (and dried) body. Just a few spritzes on a warm chest will let a scent open up and work its magic.

Do you have any other tips on how to wear fragrance?


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