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William's London: Lock & Co

  • Posted on 12th June 2015 by Alex

  • Originally a hatter for the gentry, James Lock took over the premises at No. 6 St James's Street in 1765 - today, it is the oldest hat shop in the world - and soon become hatter to the Lords and Leaders of the country. Lock & Co. are also responsible for creating the most iconic British hat style of all time - the "Coke" (more commonly known as the Bowler).

    Customers have ranged from Winston Churchill and Charlie Chaplin, to Lord Nelson and the Duke of Wellington.


    The Conformateur - a device invented in Paris for measuring heads.

    In William's time, Charles Whitbourn, nephew of John Lock III who had retired in 1871 at the age of 70, was running the business of Lock & Co., it is undoubtable that William would have purchased his hats from his illustrious neighbour.

    Lock & Co. are still producing their iconic and historic hats, as well as the more contemporary Lock & Roll collection.

    Penhaligon's and Lock & Co., aside from originally being neighbours, share our royal seals of approval - as fellow Royal Warrant Holders for HRH the Duke of Edinburgh, also granted in 1956, and HRH the Prince of Wales, granted in 1993 - showing their commitment to the best designs, the best fabrics, and the best service. The 7th generation of the family still run the business from the No. 6 St. James's Street store, upholding the principles of high quality held by their founder James Lock.

    Be sure to visit Lock & Co to experience this historic hatters, who are the unrivalled global expert hat brand.

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    • by Pamela
    • I have loved this perfume ever since many years ago my sister and I met up after a long interval, and this exquisite scent wafted into the room with her. It evoked the wonderful walks we used to take together when we were young among the bluebell woods that surrounded our home. I couldn't believe that anyone could capture it so precisely in a bottle and I knew immediately that this was 'my' scent. It has been on my birthday and Christmas present list ever since. I think of it as a true scent of nature which to my mind is even more precious than one which has been created from scratch by a perfumer however skilled. And I am amazed to think of the skill this took to recreate!
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