The Tragedy of Lord George

  • Posted on 7th October 2016 by Louise Rosen

    The Tragedy of Lord George

    Deceptively traditional, Lord George is a perfect reminder
    that one should be aware of appearances. He himself maintains that
    one should never be able to divine what a man is thinking. This ability
    being, of course, the key to a happy marriage.
    Honourable, to a tee, his fidelity to King and Country is resolute.
    His penchant for muttering “ the flesh is weak ” over the breakfast
    kippers is entirely without explanation.

    His Fragrance

    Masculine and elegant — with a hint of rum.
    Powerful, rich and ever-so welcoming — “ do come in,
    I’m sure we’ve met before ”. For the well-to-do who are able, stable,
    reassuring — but also lots of fun. A solid shoulder to cry on (was that a
    protective hand I felt on my _ ?) This is a fragrance for the man whose
    reputation lives on.
    Not quite Latin — but full of love nevertheless.
    Woody Ambery Fougere
    Brandy - Shaving Soap -Tonka bean


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