The Penhaligon’s Tea Parlour

  • Posted on 21st March 2016 by Alex

  • As the Spring gets ever closer, so does the day we unveil our latest fragrance Equinox Bloom. Our very first gourmand fragrance inspired by the Spring Equinox and the tradition of Afternoon Tea. In celebration we hosted a press event with our very own Penhaligon’s Tea Parlour.
    Penhaligon's Tea Parlour
    Guests were greeted by a colourful array of roses, tulips, peonies and irises, all tied into bouquets of their choice by the very talented By Appointment Design florists.  With bouquet orders placed guests were invited downstairs to enjoy afternoon tea surrounded by walls of hanging flowers. This beautiful installation symbolised the Winter yielding to Spring, creating an uplifting atmosphere very much like the fragrance itself.
    Equinox Bloom
    Equinox Bloom was proudly taking place amongst this floral rhapsody, unveiling its floral gourmand notes to everyone’s delight. The nose behind this fragrance is the Master Perfumer Olivier Cresp who describes it as “a trendy, modern inflexion to the generous floral bouquet. This luxurious and abundant refinement reflects Penhaligon´s generosity in fragrances in a perfect way."
    As everyone sipped on tea and Bloom Gin cocktails, we learned more about the composition of Equinox Bloom from the ingredients under glass cloches: violet leaves, jasmine sambac and brown sugar. Indeed the fragrance plays with an olfactory palette inspired by the delights of high tea, accompanied by the heady bouquet of the first sweet Spring flowers. Delicious notes of Chantilly, Frangipani and Brown Sugar are blended with violet leaves, orange blossom absolute and jasmine sambac, rounded with the deep, Oriental richness of Benzoin Siam and Ambrox.

    Penhaligon's Equinox Bloom
    As the delicious aroma of Equinox Bloom travelled through the room, so did the praise: “quintessentially English”, “addictive and feminine”, “heady and uplifting”.
    Spring is definitely waiting around the corner.

    Images Copyright Conor Beary 2016.

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    • Kodo In The Uk
    • by Jon
    • Always really excited to hear about Kodo ceremonies happening here in the UK. I'm an amateur Kodo enthusiast who has only been able to attend ceremonies in Japan. Would love to hear if you're planning another event.
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