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Why and How to Wear Fragrance

  • Posted on 15th September 2015 by HQ Writer… Erin
  • Just as wild animals mark their territory, a gentleman must choose fragrance to extend the personal space he inhabits. Men who used to experiment with scent were said to be of questionable character, now if you make little effort to smell sweet you are in the minority.

    Do your research and choose a fragrance that fits well with your bodies natural pheromones, that way the unique fragrance you create will be alluring. It will never work quite as well on anyone else! Think of this fragrance as the ultimate accessory, a finishing flourish like your cufflinks or tie pin.

    It's time to replace the splash and dash routine of our youth with The Grooming Guide's more considered approach to wearing fragrance. To spray or squirt, and where and when? Here are our do's and dont's to being well scented.

    DON’T apply fragrances to the face particularly Eau de Toilettes as their high oil content will cause irritation.

    DO apply in the right areas. Get to know your hotspots! These are your pulse points, wrists, neck etc and are the places where our blood flows closer to the surface, it’s  warmth will unlock the power of your fragrance.

    DON’T ever apply a fragrance directly onto your clothing,  it will not develop
    properly and you may also risk damaging your favourite shirt, tie, jumper etc.

    DO layer up. If you have a favourite fragrance that works for you invest in multiple products from the same range (shave foam, balm, deodorant, fragrance etc.) This will prevent you from wearing a heady cocktail of competing smells, after all we all know that most body products can be over fragranced.

    DON’T overload yourself. Your nose will quickly adapt to your chosen fragrance making it smell less potent, so be aware of this. Also be wary of the words ‘intense’ and ‘concentrate’ when connected with a fragrance and approach these with caution.

    DO spray onto a freshly bathed (and dried) body. Just a few squirts on a warm chest will let a scent open up and work its magic.

    Nick Cox


    Do you have any other tips about how to wear fragrance?

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    • Oh My Peoneve!
    • by Linda
    • I wear Peoneve as one of daytime favourites of Penhaligon's, it is wonderful to read the entomology of such a gorgeous blooming scent. I think I would have to choose the main flower Peony as my representitive not just for the Basfulness (modesty there!) but the smell of the Flower itself.
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