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The Grooming Guide: Fragrant Free For All

  • Posted on 5th June 2015 by Guest - Nick

  • Lately there’s been a shake up in the scent stakes that’s set to spark a fragrance free-for-all, whether we’re splashing on colognes or dabbing on perfume!
    If a woman can wear her boyfriends jacket, then when it comes to scent, it’s also all there for the taking. I know several business women who currently feel at their sharpest with a spritz of Sartorial and other ladies for whom the only sparkling citrus scent to spritz is Blenheim Bouquet and who can blame them? Fragrant men are also wearing gourmand scents  and if there’s one that currently resonates for me then it’s Juniper Sling with its brown sugar, black cherry and amber base, it’s a thoroughly modern take on sensuality in scent.
    Now that Penhaligon's has also launched non gender specific fragrances in their Trade Routes Collection both men and women can take a fragrant journey of exploration, including discovering the pleasures of the woody chypre As Sawira as well as the floral woody musk notes of Levantium which are suited to powerful personalities from both sexes. So if perfumers aren’t dictating who should wear their creations, then why should we?
    So it’s time to ditch our signature scents and invest in some new olfactory accessories instead. I’ll wear mine according to my mood, or like the finishing touches to my outfit. Why not join me? Just remember the only rules are that there are no rules. Wear what you like, when you like, and prepare yourself for a fragrance free for all!

    Written by Nick Cox
    Editor of The Grooming Guide
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