Spring Flower Tips from JamJar

  • Posted on 16th February 2016 by Guest - JamJar
  • JamJar the bespoke London florists, who Penhaligon’s have worked with us on numerous projects, talk about what they know best....... flowers! JamJar talk us through the best flowers to have in your home for winter and spring.

    Winter – In December flowers are in short supply. Most are curled up underground in bulbs or seeds waiting for the warm weather however there are always some who will brave the cold and the short dark days.

    Surprisingly fragile little cyclamen will stand any amount of cold weather in the window boxes and gardens of relatively sheltered London gardens and mahonia with its great yellow spikes of fragrant flowers always bring a cheerful note to winter gardens.

    However foliage is the real star in December, all sorts of grey green eucalyptus, bright shiny holly with its vibrant red berries, viburnum tinus with dark red buds and tiny white flowers, deli- cate pointed ivy and the parasite mistletoe which hangs in great chandeliers from the oak trees in Hampton Court and all across the countryside is another Christmas favourite.

    At the JamJar studios we love to use hellebores otherwise known as Christmas or Lenten rose, ranunculus, paper white narcissi and anemones. All these are really spring flowers but they are already in the market and their fragile beauty seems to suit the winter months and the short dark days. In the end the hellebore has to be the JamJar Christmas star. It is a temperamental flower that doesn’t like mixing with other flowers much, has a tendency to hang it’s head shyly and sometimes to droop and die for no reason but despite all these personality disorders it is worth keeping on trying with this fragile bloom.

    Spring – The first signs of Spring brings hope to us all. Tiny snowdrops bravely push their way through the icy ground followed by blossom, daffodils, grape hyacinths and then tulips. Grey skies give way to light on the solstice which encourages the bulbs to uncurl and release their treasure. Buds arrive on the trees and the air is full of promise.

    At the JamJar Studios we love to use these Spring flowers as they arrive in the market although they are not always the easiest. Flowers like tulips seem to have almost a life of their own. They stand up straight then collapse and uncurl their petals revealing the stamens and calyx like a petulant girl in a party dress. They also continue to grow whilst they are in the vase which is why we like to use tulips on their own then they can do their thing without upsetting the other flowers in the arrangement.

    Snake head fritillaries are another favourite garden flower which are beautiful in jamjar arrangements or on their own in a bottle or narrow necked vase. Masses of grape hyacinths make lovely arrangements and smell divine.

    The ubiquitous daffodil, also smells gorgeous and comes in many shades through white, cream yellow to a deep egg yolk orange. One of our favourite jobs last Spring we worked with Penhaligon’s on the launch of their daffodil based scent “Ostara”. Big pickle jars of deliciously scented daffs were delivered to clients by handsome boys.

    But our absolute favourite Spring flowers are great branches of blossom which burst to life in the vase, magnolia, prunus, cherry or quince. It’s hard to choose which is our favourite but we love this image of cherry blossom from an arrangement we did for Spring Restaurant.

    Melissa Alexander, JamJar

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