Scents and Sensibilities

  • Posted on 2nd October 2017 by Marketing Team
  • In celebration of the upcoming launch of Penhaligon's Portraits Candle Collection we are delighted to have partnered with Man About Town to showcase the new additions in all their glory. The sets have been designed by the Right Honourable Tony Hornecker, an internationally renowned artist and set designer. His installations have been staged in institutions such as The Royal College of Art, The Royal Opera House and The Architecture Foundation in London. Photography by Edward Meadham, the Meadham Kirchhoff co-founder. All elegant homes share a sense of order and a (discrete) display of good taste. Refinement requires a certain attention to detail. To this end, the perfume of each and every room (the more rooms the better) should never be overlooked. And of course, every perfume needs its own room...
    The Powder Room
    In The Powder Room scents of rice powder, makeup and eau de rose blend together and create a delicately enticing atmosphere, Hidden in a drawer you will find the key to a secret garden. An Ode to my Orchids. That orchids represent refinement, thoughtfulness and beauty is a coincidence.

    Anyone for Tea?

    Anyone for Tea? It’s from somewhere called Limoges. The muffled atmosphere is conducive to sleep, the furtive gossiping is always discreet, and the air sings with the smell of fresh cake. 

    Salon D'Alexandria
    Salon d’Alexandria. Empirical Decorum. Even the most respectable families can indulge the odd late night peccadillo. Deeper in is for Members Only. The conversation is free-flowing (just like the brandy). Warmed by the fire, the atmosphere is filled with cigars and leather.

    The Linen Cupboard. The musky notes of the freshly laundered linen. Wistful for her youthful first kisses (caught by Nanny of course!)... in the Linen cupboard.

    Photography by Edward Meadham @edwardmeadham
    Set Design Tony Hornecker @tony_hornecker

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