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  • Posted on 15th March 2017 by Guest - Thomas

  • Day three of our trip down #ScentMemories Lane. Thomas Dunckley (or The Candy Perfume Boy) tells us of his love of all things Penhaligon’s. Thomas is a self-proclaimed Perfume Addict and runs a Jasmine Award winning perfume blog that chronicles his obsession with fragrance….

    Seeing as Penhaligon’s have been the purveyors of fine British perfumery since 1870, many Brits have found themselves holding at least one scented memory linked to a classic or modern scent from the house of Penhaligon’s and I am certainly no exception. I’ve always been drawn to the cheeky and eccentric style of Penhaligon’s - a style that is sometimes mischievous and always quintessentially British. So many of their fragrances have been with me at important parts of my life over the last ten years, whether that be at my graduation (Vaara) or pivotal job interviews (you can never go wrong with Sartorial, ever). Here are just three of my favourite Penhaligon’s fragrances and the scent memories I associate with them.

    My very first Penhaligon’s scent was Amaranthine, which at the time of launch was something quite scandalous indeed, evoking the warm skin of the inner thigh with its strange condensed milk note and overdose of tropical white flowers. My experience with it is less x-rated and for me, Amaranthine’s tropical blooms, which are somewhere between the fresh banana tones of ylang ylang and the comfort of warm milk, will always be a warm wintry accompaniment that took the edge off the harshest of winter chills. At one point in time my scarf never stopped smelling of Amaranthine and whenever I catch a whiff of it, I think of winter.

    One of the most evocative fragrances ever created by Penhaligon’s is the remarkable Ostara - an ode to the daffodil from bud to bloom. Smelling Ostara the key impression is, unsurprisingly, of daffodils but I’m reminded of childhood times playing in my garden with my brothers and sisters. Ostara evokes sunshine and flowers but also cool earth and roots. It’s an optimistic fragrance that speaks of those carefree summer days that felt endless and where grass stains and mud pies were never a bad thing.

    The Penhaligon’s fragrance that boasts the most potent scent memory for me is most definitely Iris Prima and not because I wore it at a particular time or place. Whilst Iris Prima is inspired by the ballet, it takes me right back to my childhood and time spent sat on hard wooden floors during school assemblies. For me it’s the scent of knobbly knees exposed against the sweet dusty flooring and the soft warmth of grey school jumpers. Ahh, it is pure bliss!

    There really is a Penhaligon’s fragrance for every occasion and every memory and I very much look forward to making new ones with some of the brand’s more recent offerings. Hmmm, that reminds me, I have a date with the Duke that I must get to…

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    • I've been using the cologne and shower gel of Blenheim for years. Managed to get a set of shampoo and conditioner this summer, but please realise that a lot of ladies love this scent. Offer us shampoo and conditioner as regulars and perhaps a body lotion?
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