#ScentMemories - Juliette

  • Posted on 16th March 2017 by Guest - Juliette

  • Master Perfumer, Juliette Karagueuzoglou recounts #ScentMemories from her childhood and parenthood.

    It’s really hard to choose among my memories since they are so closely related to emotions… each one reminds me beautiful and specific moments and people.
    My children: It sounds like a cliché but it’s so true! I cannot start without mention my perfect memory of my children’s smell. This so intense attachment between mother and child through scents is like an animal instinct that connects me most to the animals we are… Their smell changes and is like I could really smell it again: from the warm and soft milk smell around their lips and the cute gruyere cheese smell of their lovely baby feet to the more persistent smells when they are children. These smells are not always good, I know, but it reminds us of our animality and I love it. It’s extremely important for me; I cannot imagine a world without human smells. I would have loved to capture these smells during my children first months but, failing that, I’m glad to have it engraved in my memory. 
    At Home: It’s about the daily life that I remember best. I have so sweet memories of my childhood… my sun-warmed skin, smelling like a biscuit! My parent’s fragrances that I could smell when they woke me up in the morning (very aromatic notes for my father who worn Drakkar Noir during years and years). The slightly bitter and tenacious smell of the dark chocolate that my parents used to eat in the evening, just before hugging me when I went to bed. Little girl, I always knew who were coming to have dinner with us at home thanks to the fragrance my parent’s friends worn, I could recognize them once they removed they coats. It's funny: I still associate them to the fragrances they worn at that time, although most of them have already changed it.

    During Holidays: Summer smells, the concrete after the warm storm, wet and dusty at the same time. The Landes forest's resinous yet fresh smell of sun-warmed pines announcing the beginning of the holidays after 7 hours on the road… The rainy mornings at my grandmother’s house and the hedge box in her garden.  The solar and salty breeze on the way to go to the beach where, just before the sand dune, we already had a foretaste of the ocean.
    School time: Such a nice time! I can feel it again through my scented memories: the lindens of the court, the wet sponge to clear the chalk from the blackboard, the pencil sharpener, the odors of glue and painting. And, of course, the cooking smell that I immediately recognized after pushing the door, back from the school.
    And so much more! Odors are very successful in their power of evocation for everyone. We have all received the world through our sense of smell and it remains forever in our mind and heart.

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