#ScentMemories - Adrian

  • Posted on 17th March 2017 by HQ Writer… Adrian

  • As we move onto day five of our #ScentMemories journey, we are taken to family Christmas in New York with Penhaligon's own Adrian Copeland.

    Every holiday season I look forward to our yearly outing to find the "perfect" Christmas tree.
    Growing up in NYC, and in an Italian-Irish family, the yearly 'enjoyable' family outing was also the cause of many a 'family discussion'. This conversation between my parents would always transpire in the middle of the tree lot. My mom would always want a "Symmetrically Perfect" tree with equal amounts of blue and green needles. My father only had one requirement in a tree- “it had to be BIG".  Hence the start of each year’s ‘family outing’ ultimately became that year’s topic for discussion at Christmas dinner with the entire extended family clan.
    This family tradition goes back to my childhood, both the search for the tree and the ensuing 'discussions'.
    Each year as the month of December approached, I anxiously await my first smell of the cut evergreen trees in the air, and to hear the faint whispers of all those "discussions" of years past still looming over the tree lot. 
    Magically, I am transported back in time to all those Christmas past and the wonderful memories of finding the "perfect tree: and the yearly “dinner table discussions" of my family.
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