Savoy Steam Eau De Parfum

  • Posted on 4th April 2017 by Louise Rosen

  • And now, today, in PENHALIGON’S most natural habitat.
    We have retuned.
    With a fresh demeanour.
    We will leave with a fresh soul.
    A cleansed mind. The finer aspects of life will be evident to us all.
    Oh, divinity!
    Celestial, terrestrial paradise.
    In reverence and respect,
    we honour HAMMAM BOUQUET, 1872
    with SAVOY STEAM, 2017.
    A compliment to time passed.
    Originating from a true original.
    Inspired by the inspiring baths from which Penhaligon’s
    fragrance first found inspiration.
    A steam-mist of fresh roses.
    The stir of floating petals.
    Hints of invigorating green in with the haze of this olfactory Hammam.
    And now, green geranium, aromatic inflexions.
    An echo! rosemary and pink pepper.
    And le denouement !, as if after a soothing rub down,
    benzoin and incense reinforce the smooth sensation of warm,
    enveloping, floral steam.
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