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Sartorial Cocktails

  • Posted on 20th January 2014 by Alex
  • In what has become a Penhaligon's tradition, Sartorial has a cocktail created as an homage, joining the ranks of Blenheim Bouquet, Juniper Sling, Peoneve, and Orange Blossom to name but a few.

    Now available on the menu as a permanent addition at Edinburgh's Lucky Liquor Co. on Queen Street and served with a Sartorial sample on the side, the Sartorial cocktail contains 2 specially created ingredients, a grapefruit cordial and Violet tincture.

    Sartorial Cocktail
    40ml Zuidam Rogge Genever
    20ml Cocchi Vermouth di Torino
    5ml Amer Picon
    5ml Violet tincture*
    10ml grapefruit cordial*

    We have had the fortune to sample this incredible cocktail, and recommend heartily a trip to Lucky Liquor Co to experience it. Have you tried any of the cocktails inspired by our fragrances?

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    • Anniversary Gift To A Beloved Wife
    • by Anaïs
    • If we look at this bouquet, we only find two colours: green (hope, serenity, equilibrium), which remains both in the Orchids flowers and in the decoration, and the red (Red Carnation), that is the symbol of the love and the passion. Obviously the one that has prepared this bouquet is seeking balance, which can be seen in the elegant way the flowers are placed. The Red Carnations mean fascination or distinction and the Orchids, as they´re green, express great affection for someone, what gives this bouquet a message of respectful devotion. The elegance and equilibrium of this bouquet expresses serenity and wisdom, features of a mature person, so I think this is a gift from a husband to his wife, to whom he has been married for many years. The flowers are obviously saying "I love you", but far from the impatient love of the youth, they´re expressing a long lasting love, a deep and tender one, so probably this bouquet it´s an Anniversary gift
    • A Dream Love
    • by Beth
    • A gift of green orchids symbolizes an opulent, delicate and rare love full of vitality, luxury and joy. The addition of deep red carnations demonstrates a love deep and lasting. The green leaves speak to the purity, dignity and nobility of the relationship.
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