Sartorial Cocktails

  • Posted on 20th January 2014 by Alex
  • In what has become a Penhaligon's tradition, Sartorial has a cocktail created as an homage, joining the ranks of Blenheim Bouquet, Juniper Sling, Peoneve, and Orange Blossom to name but a few.

    Now available on the menu as a permanent addition at Edinburgh's Lucky Liquor Co. on Queen Street and served with a Sartorial sample on the side, the Sartorial cocktail contains 2 specially created ingredients, a grapefruit cordial and Violet tincture.

    Sartorial Cocktail
    40ml Zuidam Rogge Genever
    20ml Cocchi Vermouth di Torino
    5ml Amer Picon
    5ml Violet tincture*
    10ml grapefruit cordial*

    We have had the fortune to sample this incredible cocktail, and recommend heartily a trip to Lucky Liquor Co to experience it. Have you tried any of the cocktails inspired by our fragrances?