Little Known London - Roaring Radcliff

  • Posted on 16th February 2017 by Guest - Emma

  • Quite frankly, Radcliff can hang out exactly anywhere he chooses. He has a car and will be found most of the time at the RAC club talking with like-minded men whose love of cars bonds them all. This is the future; the car makes London look modern and it is so easy to get from Chelsea to Mayfair and St James’s to Bloomsbury and back home without all the fuss.

    Radcliff would much rather spend time with the new crowd who are moving into Bloomsbury. This is just the most intriguing of areas; it has culture, respectability and a new found decadence.

    Each of its garden squares is framed by dramatic townhouses taking us back to Bloomsbury’s Georgian heyday. The area became one of the places the elite of the City of London moved to after the Great Fire of London. Upwind of all the bad smells of the Square Mile, it was literally a breath of fresh air for those who could afford to leave the confines of the city and escape to this new urban paradise. It is perfectly placed between the financial district and the inns of courts and law courts that dominate the area to the south. Museums, including the monumental British Museum and colleges, including UCL and the University of London, flourished here and Royal Societies abound.

    Radcliff will never be seen in the British Museum or similar highbrow establishments however, it is slowly becoming known for wild parties that would make the ladies of Mayfair blush. It is also being frequented by free thinkers and radicals which Racliff loves if only to scare his father. Radcliff likes to seduce the ladies who are enjoying the release of Victorian restraints. His rebel charm mesmerizes these hapless ladies allowing them to think that for just a few hours that maybe marriage is not a bad thing after all! However, he is soon in his car ready to whisk off to Chelsea or Haymarket to see where else he can cast his net.

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