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Review & Win Competition Winners

  • Posted on 9th April 2014 by Customer Services
  • Our first April winner was Nicholas who spoke so eloquently about Blenheim Bouquet, our classic bestseller. He stuck with his favourite fragrance as his prize.

    It's not too late to get your review in for a chance to win the 100ml perfume or cologne of your choice, simply write a review on your favourite product, it doesn't have to be fragrance, if you're a soap afficiando, or bonkers about our Bath Oils let us know what you love!

    Our final winner will be chosen on Monday 28th April, check back here to see winning entry.

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    • Mrs. Hayden
    • by sharon hayden
    • I adore the Quercus scent. I first experienced it at the Dallas Hotel St. Germain. I loved the shampoo and conditioner. It has almost a musky scent. My sister went on line and bought me every last bottle of shampoo and conditioner she could find when it was discontinued. This line is so luxurious and wonderful, I can't wait to give it to everyone I know. Unfortunately there are no stores in Dallas so I can not experience the other scents. We have been to London many times and next time I will make sure to visit a shop of Penhaligon's to experience the other scents. I will buy some of the other Quercus products still available for everyone I know as it is just yummy in smell and quality....
    • Artemisia
    • by Shelley
    • I've become a wrist sniffer again! I actually giggled. The interplays of the different aromas dancing around as they settled into the most delightful subtle scent on my skin. It makes me wish I had the language of a perfumer. I don't think I'll ever be without this beautiful scent. During a particularly trying afternoon I sat in my car for just a couple of moments with my wrist to my nose and inhaled. Silly, maybe, but I just love it.
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    • by Matisse
    • Lily of the Valley is my birth month flower, and as a child, I used to love gathering them in fragrant bouquets from our backyard garden. When I married, I longed for them in my wedding bouquet, but our timing was wrong for their blooming season. Finally, I discovered the wonderful essence of my favorite flower...thank you Penhaligon! It takes me back to happy hours as a child, and is a joy to wear each day.
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