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Raise your glass to…

  • Posted on 3rd June 2013 by Laura
  • The fragrant cocktail combines Hendrick’s Gin, juniper berries, byrhh, lemon and cucumber bitters. To learn how to mix a Juniper Sling cocktail, watch Bar Manager Geoff Robinson

    Juniper Sling Cocktail Recipie

    Who will be trying a Juniper Sling cocktail?

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    • What Happened To My Juniper Sling?
    • by Beverly Kristy
    • My nearly full bottle I purchased a couple months ago has turned on my. A fragrance I adored smells like a strong chemical when applied. As it dried it left my skin sticky and has no fragrance whatsoever. I paid a lot for it and am so disappointed. I stored it in its box and did not exposed it temperature extremes.
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