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Our Iris Prima Press Event

  • Posted on 10th September 2013 by Nick
  • For a day and a half we worked behind the scenes to recreate the story of Iris Prima for the visiting journalists and bloggers with framed images of Alberto Morillas and dancers Lauretta Summerscales and Nathan Young of English National Ballet, all of whom were in attendance to explain their role in the creation of the fragrance.


    Alberto teamed up with our head of fragrance creation, Natalie Vinciguerra, to explain the inspiration behind and the construction of the fragrance, whilst Nathan and Lauretta, as well as other members of ENB, spoke of their experience of being involved in the birth of a perfume.

    We were lucky enough to have some of Nathan and Lauretta’s exquisite costumes on loan from ENB, including the Nutcracker costume! These costumes are so valuable they were attended to by a representative of English National Ballet all day.

    The perfumers station contained various fabrics and scented objects used daily at the ballet, for costume creation, or to harden pointe shoes. These were some of the objects that inspired Alberto for Iris Prima.

    We also created this show stopping sculpture with over 400 pairs of ballet shoes, atop which sat our factice of Iris Prima!

    The press were able to view our teaser video "The Scent of the Ballet" projected onto the wall opposite our ballet shoe structure:


     What do you think of our sculpture and the images? How do you think the ballet smells?

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