Little Known London - Maltby Street Market

  • Posted on 11th January 2017 by Guest - Emma

  • Just south of Tower Bridge there is a little piece of secret London – a hidden market. There are no signposts and there are few visual clues. Look closer and you will see a trail of people wandering away into small back roads that lead you towards Bermondsey and into a street market called Maltby Street. You will also recognize the happy faces of people who have sampled the delights of the market and are heading off elsewhere, charmed and satisfied.

    Maltby Street

    The first thing you need to know about Maltby Street market is that it is not on Maltby Street! It is on a small, pedestrianized cut-through called Rope Walk between the railway line and Lassco’s architectural antiques warehouse. The line runs over a series of railway arches that play host to bars, cafés and eateries making this different to the many street food markets that are now popping up all around London. There are stalls selling old favourites including every style of Scotch Egg, a fish smoker who lays out simple open sandwiches with his home smoked salmon topped with mayonnaise and dill and a brewer selling bottles of a new, dry but still distinctly honey-flavoured mead. There are new styles of foods including variations on toasted cheese, falafels, Greek style dips made with beetroot or avocado, simple steak frites, the ubiquitous burger and marinated pork sandwiches. There is enough going on to tickle the taste buds of virtuous vegetarians or confirmed carnivores.

    Maltby Street Market

    As you walk into the market area, you are pleasantly hit with a whole host of aromas - delicious wafts of sweet waffles muddle with savoury bacon, fresh juices cutting through grilled cheese. It is sensory overload. The romantics among you will notice the gentle rise of smoke creating a souk-like atmosphere. It is definitely a place where you want to stop and eat. The smells and the sights make it difficult to choose but whatever it is, you are guaranteed something delicious and made with passion. If grabbing food on the go is not your thing, there are many places where you can sit down to have just a drink or a drink with food. Choose Little Bird, a great bar for a bloody good Bloody Mary’s or 42 Maltby Street, which serves up amazing seasonal delicacies and has a most unusual wine list. Both bars are relaxed, charming and tasty.

    Ropewalk at Maltby Street is not large, in fact it is a mere slip of a girl compared with the nearby Grand Dame of markets, Borough. You could elbow your way through in five minutes but you will find most people taking their time with their eyes following their noses as they gently wend their way. If you are left hungry for more markets, either head back to Borough or see what is happening at Bermondsey Spa and nearby Druid Street.

    Matlby Street

    The market has been here for only six years and has been incredibly successful. This little strip of stalls and under the arches eateries is still going strong. There is no publicity, no signposts; it is just powered by word of mouth.

    Saturday 9am - 4pm
    Sunday 11am - 4pm

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