Little Known Londoners

  • Posted on 13th July 2017 by Guest - Emma

  • Over the past year, Penhaligon’s Times has brought you a series of articles called “Little Known London”, a look at some of the more unusual, forgotten and hidden buildings and places that make London unique. For the next step, it seemed natural to look at the people behind London, those at the helm of interesting and unique businesses. Some of these are custodians of heritage who bear the responsibility of ensuring an ancient company is still relevant and viable in the crazy times in which we live. Others just serve London in the best way they can. Whilst some work behind the scenes, others are the not-so-public face of their company. Whether you have heard of them or know them by reputation, this series of blogs will give you a greater understanding of their role in London, their successes as well as the challenges that they face in this wonderful metropolis.
    We are exploring the lives of some of these people over the next few months to uncover who they are and what they do as well as find out what is special and interesting about them. Whether they run one of the most famous hotels in the world, own the oldest tea shop in London or are a seventh generation oysterman, we will tell their story and how their lives impact on our capital city.
    The series is called “Little Known Londoners” - those at the heart of making London great. Each piece will concentrate on a subject who has been a unique contributor to London’s history or is helping shape our future. In turbulent times, we are delighted to bring you some pillars of London’s society. 

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