Little Known London - Kaspar The Cat Continued...

  • Posted on 11th April 2017 by Guest - Emma

  • The story continues…
    In 2010, The Savoy re-opened after a redesign and the ultimate upgrade. It was received with a great deal of interest and anticipation. In honour of Kaspar, the riverside restaurant was named the Kaspar Seafood Bar & Grill – a nod to the feline’s favourite food! Within it sits another cat, this time in white bronze and chrome, designed by Jonty Hurwitz. You may miss it on the way into the Art Deco inspired dining space but as you leave the restaurant, look out for this piece of art comprising a mirrored column and a section of a circle almost acting as a protective barrier around it. 
    As you near this piece of art, you will notice a reflection in the column. As it becomes clearer, you will now see a perfect reflection of the famous Kaspar.

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