The Language of Flowers

  • Posted on 24th January 2017 by Louise Rosen

  • Some things are unutterable and secret. Other thoughts are are so hard to say…

    Thank Heavens for the coded art of flowers. A mysterious language - of love?

    Cryptic communications, secret assignations, hidden revelations, coded declarations! Floriography. Oh! what a gift! Quel cadeau.

    What could be more elegant than a bouquet of flowers!
    And yet, the perfume of intrigue lingers…

    Whilst we don’t like to gossip it would appear that there was a ‘mistake’ and the flowers from Lord George, faithful to King and country, meant for Lady Blanche, well they seem to have been sent to the divine Clandestine Clara….

    It is true that with Penhaligon’s Floriography indiscrete messages can be relayed between sweethearts, paramours, sugar peas - but what could be more (ah-em) improbable!

    When every flower tells a (cloaked) message, it is possible to compose poetry!, to send a surreptitious wink of the eye, or to convey strong feelings with a studied nonchalance. (sigh) If only one could always say it with flowers.

    To commemorate the launch of Portraits Chapter II, the “unofficial” side of Lord George’s family, we are revisiting The Language of Flowers, where each flower and the ribbons that tied them, conveyed a very specific, often secret, meaning.

    To be continued...

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    • Exquisite!
    • by Eileen
    • Lily of the Valley is one of my favourite flowers, along with sweet peas and roses! I planted a lily of the valley plant last year, hoping it might naturalise, but it didn't even show its head this year, so presume it must have died, so will try again this year! I don't have green fingers unfortunately!
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