Language of Flowers: Lily of the Valley

  • Posted on 8th February 2017 by HQ Writer… Natalie

  • Often in history flowers were used to send secret messages to one’s love. With floral dictionaries, in hand, Victorian England was able to express deep feelings while maintaining proper British etiquette.
    We finish our language of flowers journey with Lily of the Valley.
    There is a legend, the Lily of the Valley fell in love with a nightingale perched on a tree, enchanted by the birdsong, the lily of the valley fell deeply in love. To shy, the Lily did not speak out, and the Nightingale left the wood. Grief-stricken, the lily of the valley would not come into bloom until the day her loved returned.
    A bouquet of lily of the valley signifies refound happiness, proclaiming joy has returned to your life or a fated love never truly left.
    Paradise Regained. Happiness Returned. Lovers Reunited.
    Oh, the joy of being together again at last. Tell a significant person that their presence is a daily present.
    Lily of the Valley

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