Language of Flowers: Jasmine

  • Posted on 10th February 2017 by HQ Writer… Natalie

  • Taking meaning from the physical characteristics and behaviour of flowers, Victorian floriography made it possible to show your pure emotions, with a sense of decorum.
    Continuing on our journey through the language of flowers, we look at Jasmine.
    It is believed; Jasmine invokes wisdom and peace and signifies a strong bond. Love expressed with Jasmine goes beyond the love between inamorati. The contentment shown in Jasmine blooms mirrors the relationship of lovers, friends, and family, with a true connection of souls.
    Amazing Grace. Contentment and joy!
    What is love without happiness? Signify that contentment is a precious thing.
    Oud de Nil

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    • Down Memory Lane
    • by Eileen
    • Dear Penhaligons, you're sure taking me down memory lane tonight! having just read the article on leather in perfumes, and now Lock's the hatters. The husband of a friend of my Mother used to work for Lock's and he did the writing in gold on the inside bands of the gentlemens' hats. If by chance the full sheets of gold leaf were not fully used, he used to cut off wee snippets of it and bring home for me to draw with on dark coloured paper! The sizes of the gold leaf left-overs were mostly the size of a postage stamp! Again, more than 60 years ago. Thank you for the memories your emails have evoked for me this evening.
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