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Juniper Sling playful and chilled

  • Posted on 1st May 2013 by Alex
  • Juniper Sling is playful and chilled, a laidback and fabulously addictive homage to Jazz Age London. Created by master perfumer Olivier Cresp, Juniper Sling is the ultimate perfumed cocktail, atmospheric and mysterious on the skin.
    London Dry Gin has specific qualities, the botanicals are added before the distillation process. The results are unusually dry and steeped in aromatic depth. This most iconic of British tipples has been very cleverly transformed into a compulsive and complex perfume.
    Juniper berry and angelica add the botanicals touch at the top of the scent. The angelica has a bite of aniseed which works beautifully against the soft leather and pepper in the heart of the fragrance. The delicious caramelised brown sugar note dissolves into the heady mix of rooty vetiver and the wide cold expanses of Ambrox, a beautifully balanced white skin musk. It is these beautiful icy musks that make Juniper Sling such an amazing experience to wear. They float across the skin, rising and falling with the body’s heat. The initial blast of cold gin that flies out of the bottle settles into something so extraordinary on the skin, the fragrance has to be worn to be believed. 
    Juniper Sling really captures the essence of Evelyn Waugh’s Bright Young Things strolling the deserted streets of early morning 20s London, weary from the glittering parties, feet tired from the endless dancing. Arm in arm, they roll happily and boozily through the capital’s avenues and alleyways. There is perfume, laughter, a whiff of cigarettes and gin. This ease of life, a celebration of eccentricity and joy is very much the essence of Juniper Sling.
    Olivier Cresp has always traditionally worked in mainstream perfumery. Working for smaller houses is both challenging and rewarding. He has bought the full weight of his technical experience to bear on Juniper Sling, the scent is slick and smooth, oozing charm and polished sophistication.  But he has also explored the oddities and quirks of Penhaligon’s, producing a stylish and witty cocktail scent that suits the vintage style of the brand to perfection.
    Head: Cinnamon, orange brandy, angelica, juniper berry
    Heart: Cardamom, leather, black pepper, orris wood
    Base: Brown sugar, black cherry, vetiver, Ambrox
    Perfumer: Olivier Cresp

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