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Iris Prima wins Best of Scent Award!

  • Posted on 19th August 2014 by Nick
  • We've had quite a year with the launch of Vaara and Iris Prima and to round it off have won an award from the lovely folk at Cafleurebon in NYC who have awarded Iris Prima a Best of Scent Award of 2013

    Here's what they had to say about our Ballerina - inspired Iris creation:

    Senior Editor Tama Blough

    This was an interesting year for me for perfume experience. I made a few discoveries in the Indie and Niche world, but for the most part I got the most enjoyment out of exploring more established lines, and veering into the mainstream as well.

    Were I able to give an award for House of the Year it would go to Penhaligon’s, for bringing new life and excitement to the brand, but in lieu of that I have chosen their Iris Prima, composed by Alberto Morillas, as one of my top two perfumes of the year. I have a complicated relationship with iris as a note, and the first time I smelled Iris Prima I was smitten, because it was a perfect balance of earth and floral. Every stage of the perfume offered a new olfactory twist, taking me from the thrill of a grand jeté to the leather and animal smells of backstage. I enjoyed knowing the backstory of the perfume’s creation, but ultimately, the perfume itself won me over completely.

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