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How to Groom a Beard

  • Posted on 13th August 2014 by Nick
  • Let it grow

    The first step on how to groom a beard is letting it grow out. Hairs grow in 3 different cycles, so to achieve an even beard its essential to let the hairs grow into a scruffy stage before you begin to groom it.

    The itchy phase

    Growing a beard for the first few weeks can result in itchy, irritable skin. Using a beard oil will help prevent the itchiness.

    Grooming Equipments

    Important equipment

    To keep your beard trimmed and tidy, we suggest using a beard trimmer for ease. You should keep a comb and a small pair of scissors for tidying edges and the moustache, and keeping even length throughout.

    A moustache wax is a hidden secret for keeping any stray hairs tamed - and can be used to shape the moustache if you’d prefer to style it!


    Regular exfoliation is a must: the process of shaving naturally exfoliates the skin and without this daily ritual, the skin beneath a beard can become flaky and dry. Use an exfoliator at least 3 times a week to keep skin in tip-top condition.


    A beard will draw oil away from the skin, leaving the skin dryer beneath the beard than elsewhere on the face.

    A beard oil or rich moisturiser will help replenish the lost oils, and should be worked into the beard and skin after washing the face, morning and evening.

    Let us know your tips to keep a beard in perfect condition and style in the comments below.

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