Hidden London: Columbia Road

  • Posted on 7th March 2016 by Marketing Team

  • As a company established in London and with our roots firmly planted here, there are hundreds of secret places we treasure in this most eclectic and surprising city; a city where every corner has a story and every alleyway a tale. In this series we see through the eyes of other Londoners, whether native or adopted, about the secret London they’ve discovered and love...


    Columbia Road in East London is the perfect place to while away a Sunday morning. Coffee in hand and an armful of fragrant blooms, followed by a late brunch in one of the many laid back eateries, it's right up our street. As we impatiently wait for Spring, the flower market is bursting with colour, tulips in every hue, the bright dazzle of daffodils. The atmosphere is always bustling, live music fills the air and the surrounding shops are filled with tempting treats, whether they be food to nibble or antiques to peruse. No two weekends ever feel the same and the constant changing of the flowers on offer as the seasons roll by is a feast for the eyes.

    Why not buy a more long-lasting memoir of your trip to Columbia Road with a bottle of Ostara, Ellenisia or Bluebell, our favourite floral bouquets!

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    • The Ideal Setting
    • by Nicholas Packwood
    • So very curious to experience Tralala!
    • I'M Envious
    • by Christine Statkiewicz
    • Yes I'm envious - I know I shouldn't be but I can't help it- I want to sample this new fragrance - please tell me we will get it in Australia. I'm just so far away from your beautiful fragrances!!!!!
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