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From the Archives: By Royal Appointment

  • Posted on 10th February 2015 by Nick

  • Whilst William had become Court Barber and Perfumer to Queen Victoria, he used the Royal Arms in an advertisement in Webster's Red Book without permission and was fined 23 shillings. Penhaligon's were first given the right to use Royal Arms under Walter Penhaligon, when we received our first Royal Warrant from Queen Alexandra in 1903, which was reissued in 1911.

    Leonard Penhaligon inherited the business from his father Walter in 1921, which resulted in much change. By 1928, Penhaligon's had moved from its original home on Jermyn & St James Streets to the road behind at 25 Bury Street. Penhaligon's was still known as the sole depot for Hammam Bouquet. Under Leonard, Penhaligon's was registered as a limited company, no longer as sole traders, and Penhaligon's Ltd Perfumers and Hairdressers was born. Leonard retired shortly after, and Penhaligon's was placed under the direction of Eileen Smart.

    Eileen continued to build the perfumery side of the business, and gradually wound down the hairdressing and barbering. Under Eileen's direction, the original Ellenissia was created. The original location of the Hammam Baths was destroyed in the Blitz in 1941, by which point the Hammam had already ceased operating due to adverse trading conditions brought on by the war. By 1949, Penhaligon's was registered as Penhaligon's Ltd Perfumers.

    Penhaligon's received our second Royal Warrant as Suppliers of Toilet Requisites from HRH The Duke of Edinburgh in January 1956. We continue to supply the palace to this day, directly from our store in Burlington Arcade.

    By 1963, the production of Penhaligon's perfumes had moved to Curzon street in Mayfair, and the shop on Bury Street was closed. Production and export business continued from Curzon Street until 1971, when the business moved to 23 Old Bond Street. In 1975, Penhaligon's was purchased by Sheila Pickles and the Wellington Street flagship opened. Under Sheila, Penhaligon's received our third Royal Warrant as Suppliers of Toilet Requisites from HRH The Prince of Wales in January 1988.

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