Christmas With The Penhaligon's Portraits Family

  • Posted on 8th November 2016 by Guest - Emma

  • Christmas was a dim and distant memory for the rather nostalgic early Victorians. The celebration of Christmas had been steadily declining since Oliver Cromwell frowned on its pagan roots.. 
    The usual Christmas celebrations and traditions were being lost and it was time for someone to do something about it.  Enter a small army of sentimentalists with Prince Albert as Commander in Chief and Charles Dickens as its General. Their aim was to breathe onto the dying embers of the yule log, rekindling the Christmas spirit. This was in the hope of bringing the post Industrial diaspora back into the bosom of the family and keeping the tradition alive. Charles Dickens showed us that Christmas was a time of showing goodwill and being amongst family. Festive food, drinks, decorations, gift giving and parlour games were all essential elements that were restored and revived. The Dickensian Christmas had been invented and yuletide was saved for future generations.
    This year, we are spending Christmas with the Portraits family on their country estate. Lord George, Lady Blanche, Duchesse Rose and her husband, Duke Nelson are joined by family and friends. This is a new age, the Belle Epoque, where Victorian values seemed to have been dropped like a hot chestnut. Impropriety could be ignored as long as there was discretion. If you appeared moral and righteous, it is possible that you could get up to all sorts of mischief – even at a family Christmas!
    After the formalities and ceremonies of Christmas had been followed to the letter, from going to church to the gift giving and Christmas Dinner, the family and their friends are now settling down for an evening of parlour games.
    This is where the fun starts in more ways than one. There are many parlour games to choose from, some have been with us for thousands of years and some are new inventions to add a little variety and fun to the proceedings.
    As the evening unfurls, the masks of respectability start to slip, fuses get shorter and morals loosen!  Who will see through Blind Man’s Buff? Who will enjoy the irony of playing Charades? By the end of the night, will anyone have to pay a real forfeit? In a time where manners were the embodiment of class, will we see anyone disgrace themselves or worse?
    To follow is a series of blogs that will feature some of the most popular games of the times. Each of the four blogs will be dedicated to each member of the Portrait’s family. Let the fun begin!

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