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Bouquets and Buttonholes.

  • Posted on 28th May 2015 by Alex

  • The wedding season means beautiful dresses, well dressed gents, battles between guests on who has the best millinery, and most importantly: bouquets and buttonholes!



    A sophisticated and elegant silky scent, Empressa shimmers with pink pepper, blood orange and peach, plush rose and woody patchouli.


    A beautiful bouquet of white flowers, Ellenisia is sumptuous with gardenia, tuberose and jasmine, drizzled in sweet plum.


    Lily of the Valley

    No scent reflects the purity of a white gown like Lily of the Valley: a pure portrait of the beautiful bridal bloom.


    Nature's most sensual bloom, the tropical scent of Gardenia is surrounded by lush foliage and an air of translucent beauty.

    For Him


    The more adventurous gentleman looking to wear a rose scented buttonhole should try Peoneve - a woody vetiver with a bright and peppery rose, makes for surprisingly easy wearing on male skins.


    No scent says 'well dressed' like Sartorial - redolent of the aromas found in Savile Row Tailor's workrooms, this handsome ambery fougere is the perfect accessory to a well dressed gent.

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