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JamJar Flowers

  • Posted on 28th May 2015 by Guest - JamJar

  • It's May/June : in our opinion the most romantic time of the year for a country wedding. The landscape is at its most beautiful, fresh and green, hedgerows are frothy with cow parsley like lace.

    Our favourite flower for a May/June wedding is the exquisitely scented and ravishing lily of the valley.

    It appears in English Gardens at this time of year. When we order it from our growers it arrives with the roots still on and wrapped in moist tissue paper to keep it really fresh. As you unwrap the parcel the delicate flower heads and the exquisite scent are revealed.

    Lily of the Valley

    We made this exquisite tiny bouquet using lily of the valley, blanchette rose, with love in a mist, green bell and penstemon.

    Jamjar Bouquet with lily of the valley, blanchette rose, green bell and penstemon from Penhaligons

    The French name for lily of the valley is "mignonette" meaning sweet little thing. We think that's the perfect description for this most exquisite flower.

    To see more of our beautiful, bespoke flowers visit us at

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