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Anthology – The Penhaligon’s Archive

  • Posted on 30th April 2013 by Alex
  • Hammam Bouquet was our first fragrance in 1872 and we are still making it. Blenheim Bouquet was next in 1902 and is our number one global bestseller.  We are continually evolving, creating new fragrances, working with leading perfumers to develop new concepts for the future. But we never forget our past, we have William and his son Walter’s recipe books and notes, archive material, labels, ledger books, photographs and other important archive material. This informs our present and our future.
    In 2009 Penhaligon’s launched the first quartet in an important new heritage collection called simply: Anthology.  The word anthology is derived from the Greek anthologia, which translates literally as flower-gathering. It is appropriate for a collection of fragrances that celebrate the fabulous scented history of such a historic brand.
    The Anthology fragrances look different. Still in the classic apothecary style bottle, they are housed in distinctive black 100ml boxes; bottles decorated in updated versions of the original archive labels with delicately coloured bows and matching colour tabs on the boxes.
    While some of the Anthology fragrances have remained relatively unchanged since their conception, offering a unique insight into the fragrance trends of that era, others have been carefully reformulated to ensure they appeal to the modern fragrance wearer while retaining their unique heritage feel. This unique approach has allowed our clients to sample a wide range of olfactory styles and sniff a little Penhaligon’s history along the way.
    The first four in 2009 were Gardenia (1976), Night Scented Stock (1976), Extract of Limes (1963) and Eau de Verveine (1949). Followed in 2010 by Orange Blossom (1976), the original Eau de Cologne (1927), Zizonia (1930s) and Jubilee Bouquet from 1977, created in honour of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. The final two fragrances appeared at the end of 2011: Eau Sans Pareil (1983) and Esprit de Roi (1988).  
    The collection has been very successful, with the Anthology fragrances allowing a glimpse into Penhaligon’s perfumed past. This mining of the archive for inspiration is an important part of the ongoing evolution of Penhaligon’s as an artisan house. It keeps the brand in touch with its roots but also demonstrates an adaptability and savoir-faire that explains why it is constantly at the top of its perfumed game. 
    Anthology: The Collection
    Eau de Cologne, 1927
    This is Penhaligon’s original cologne, a classic citrus, sharp and cold, with lovely touches of rosemary and orange.

     Zizonia, 1930s
    A fresh and transparent oriental mix of spices, patchouli with sweet flourishes of orange and ginger

     Eau de Verveine, 1949
    A grassy, aromatic verbena fragrance capturing the scent of a Provencal summer, with rubbed herbs, cedar, spices, musk and vanilla. 

     Extract of Limes, 1963
    A fabulous citrus, penetrating and pure, smelling of blossom honey and sherbet with West Indian lime oil, lemon oil and neroli.

     Orange Blossom, 1976
    This luminous honeyed floral is awash with juicy Calabrian orange, bergamot, cedar, rose and peach flower.

     Night Scented Stock, 1976
    A pungent and sensual fragrance, rich with evening enchantment, blending clove, heliotrope, violet, musk, vanilla and tonka bean. 

     Gardenia, 1976
    A delightfully translucent portrait of gardenia with washes of jasmine, ylang, magnolia, rose, vanilla and a playful blush of rhubarb.

     Jubilee Bouquet, 1977
    Originally created in honour of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, this green floral chypré is an enchanting vintage blend of lily, jasmine, iris, woods and amber.

     Esprit de Roi, 1983
    A woody greenhouse blend of tomato leaf, rubbed mint and raspberry leaf combined with citrus, woods and musks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Eau sans Pareil, 1988
    A sparkling giddy chypré, bubbling with raspberry, pineapple, rose and jasmine, tempered with clove, licorice, oakmoss and musk                                                                                                                                                                                  
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