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A #VeryPenhaligons Date

  • Posted on 14th July 2015 by HQ Writer… Erin
  • Looking the part is one of the key components when it comes to the first date. This is now known by many as a staple dating rule, match up, look immaculate and smell irresistible. Here’s how:
    Step 1.
    Bath or shower? Up to you, sir. Just make sure you leave enough time to unwind properly so your mind can travel to the delights that lie ahead. Choose your bath and shower gel carefully, as its perfume will linger all over your body.
    Step 2.
    This isn’t one to be rushed, precision is key. Before a special occasion such as this, you should indulge in the sensual pleasure of shaving. Invest in beautifully scented shaving soap or cream, finishing with balm to moisturise and replenish your skin. Add a splash of aftershave with a fresh, invigorating aroma. Make sure you leave your upmarket shaving stuff casually displayed in the bathroom. Your date will love a man who clearly knows what’s what.
    Step 3.
    If you’re set on an on-trend beard and moustache combo, you will doubtless have become extremely attached. Make sure that whatever your style of facial hair may be that it is trimmed to perfection. Massage in a few drops of beard oil to soften the hair. If you want to provide your moustache with extra definition, rub a little moustache wax between your fingers to warm it, then apply to give sleek shape
    Step 4.
    By now, you’re smooth, scented and soft in all the right places. Give yourself a last-minute mirror check. Shine your hair with a slick of pomade, your eyebrows too if they’re unruly.
    Done! You’ve completed the pre-date guide for men. You look and smell as good as one fine gentlemen can do.
    We’ve done the details. The rest of the date is down to you.
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