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Artemisia Body Cream Glass Jar
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Artemisia Body Cream Glass Jar

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  • This nourishing Body Cream housed in a decadent glass jar, once applied to skin, will envelop you in a cloud of fragrance.

    Artemisia is a beautifully silky fragrance, inspired by romantic tales from Greek Mythology and named in honour of Artemis, the Goddess of the hunt whose symbol was the Moon.

    At the base of Artemisia is a creamy, almost caramel sweet blend of vanilla and amber, which unfolds underneath a lunar veil of jasmine, violets and lily of the valley and delicate top notes of orchard fruits and crisp green foliage.

Customer Reviews

Love This Scent Review
I discovered Artemisia on a trip to London over 9 years ago, and have been wearing it ever since. Soft and subtly, feminine and always appropriate. I ...particularly love the body cream as it stays with you (softly) all day long. I do miss the talc. Thank you Penhaligon's for making quality fragrances.  ... more
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