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Alizarin Eau de Parfum - Unboxed
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Alizarin Eau de Parfum - Unboxed

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  • Like a starry night in a warm Middle Eastern desert, Alizarin has stories to tell. Stories as Ancient as the Pharaohs, and as acclaimed as their perfumers. Intense and untamed it finds a more restrained etiquette with a soft, pigment-powdery dimension.

    A complex, traditional Oud, inspired by the pigment Alizarin, precious to the Egyptians when they needed to turn textiles red, and adopted by British generals when they needed to look dashing on the decks. (What better to set of the white of their breeches?)

    Alizarin trumpets round top notes of mandarin, a fine tuberose (green, white and narcotic) as iris blends with a warm mimosa. A rich, port-like sophisticated-sweetness envelops like a warm breeze.

    The emotional depths achieved by the rare resins, pronounced leather and Vetiver are such that one is bound to wonder if this fragrance was not worn by Cleopatra herself?

    Please note: This product comes without its box.

Customer Reviews

Conquistador Review
Este perfume es un verdadero conquistador de momentos, de atracción personal, digno de ser llevado en todo momento. La piel va acumulando las esencias... potenciándose su duración en la piel.  ... more
Would you recommend it? : Yes
Intensely Captivating Review
I visited Penhaligon's store for the first time. I smelled many fragrances. Only three were interesting enough to want to try on my skin. Of those ...three, Alizarin stood out, for hours later, as being the fragrance I would want to wear all the time. If it had not been so expensive, I would have bought it on the spot, and I would have made it my first, or only, choice of fragrance. I might yet return to treat myself some day, but it's far more than I have ever paid for any scent.  ... more
Would you recommend it? : Yes