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When Penhaligon’s opened The House of Toys this Christmas, we couldn’t help but ask stop motion extraordinaires Richard Higgs and Debbie Smith to bring Mr. Penhaligon and Flappers to life.

From automations for the aristocracy to teddies for tiddly ones,take a peekat some of the world’s most famous toymakers.

With such a scandalous array of scents to choose from, Penhaligon's thought it would only be proper to reintroduce The Portraits Family, our redolent residents brimming with dry wit and devious wealth...

The devil's in the detail(that's what Mr Thompson, the Portraits Butler, would say). Penhaligon's sits down with bespoke florist Delta of Venus to learn the ways of fragrant flower arranging.

Oftentimes, the only antidote to itchy feet is a holiday. Penhaligon's spoke with Kesang Ball, founder of Trippin, to discuss her tips for travelling around the world.​

Ah, bedtime. One settles down yet sleep evades. Perhaps these tips from Alex Shannon shall send your restless soul into a dreamland of countless sheep.