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The Maharaja’s granddaughter is born into luxury. Succulent quince, fragrant roses, and wood warmed by the midday sun. Vibrant Rajasthan, captured in an eau de parfum. Tempered by stately elegance.

7 reviews

The Maharaja’s granddaughter is born into luxury. Succulent quince, fragrant roses, and wood warmed by the midday sun. Vibrant Rajasthan, captured in an eau de parfum. Tempered by stately elegance.

7 reviews

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Size 100 ml
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Eau de Parfum

Eau de Parfum

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Reviews 7 reviews
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Sweet Roses

This is a glorious, sweet, light rose fragrance that had me huffing at my wrists all day.

By Storme Winfield 04 Oct 2017


Spray it on and it's like you're siting in a particularly lush shrub beside a rose bush. It settles down into a Summer afternoon in a perfect garden. As time passes it actually keeps getting better! Magnificent.

By David Jefferson 16 Jan 2017

Poetry In A Bottle

Vibrant fruits pop into life As an alluring garden beckons you in And in this place you loose yourself. Roses warm and surround your senses And the world feels like a better place.

By Aidan Chavasse 31 May 2015

What A Wonderful Surprise It Was!

Once upon a time, I went to Jarrolds in search for the perfect scent. I was greeted by a lovely display of J Malone's range, stopped for a moment and moved on a bit further down the alley. I spotted Vaara and was drawn to its packaging vivid colours. Quite funky! - I thought. I wonder how it smells... What a wonderful surprise it was & quite unexpected indeed. Vaara has surprised me. It's something completely different and rare. I think 'rare' is the right word here. And what woman does not want to smell 'rare', opulent, rich and unique? Suffice to say, I received my Vaara yesterday evening with a complimentary sample of Juniper Sling. Could one be more surprised with yet another blend of perfect scents? This one has been put down on my list of Christmas gifts! Thank you, Jarrolds for introducing me to Penhaligon's. Penhaligon's - thank you for Vaara.

By Kasia Urbaniak 26 Nov 2014

A Happy Discovery!

This scent makes me smile whenever I wear it. It's a perfume to wear when I want to feel like going out in the sunshine and finding a new adventure! The quince manages to make it deliciously juicy and dry simultaneously. The rosewater is so pretty, and softens into the only rose note I would ever want to wear. No hint of artifice or the maiden-aunt-ness I associate with many rose perfumes! The florals blend wonderfully, and the spices (although this is by no means a 'spicy') add an extra slightly exotic, mouthwatering element. Vaara is an exciting, uplifting beauty of a perfume, that keeps you coming back for another sniff. Lovely!

By Lann Niziblian 11 Apr 2014

Jet lag can be a swine, but when you arrive somewhere exotic early in the morning, or late at night, and go straight to sleep for what feels like a week it means you can awake into a rush of the senses. Vaara is like that first rush of exoticism, and the excitement that follows. A smell that evokes the east but never over powers you. It's like a walk in the chowk, a lassi on the verandah or a first taste of the days spicey delights. I love it.

By richard williams 30 Dec 2013

Brownie Points

I bought this fragrance for my wife and she LOVES it! And dare I say she is all the more adorable for wearing it. It smells delightful. Another triumph Penhaligons. Bravo!

By Erin Homer 18 Jul 2013

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