Fragrance family: Fougère

Collection: Portraits

The Tragedy of Lord George

Do come in, I’m sure we’ve met before... Noble patriarch, paragon of masculine elegance, Lord George welcomes with a scent of shaving soap and warming rum. But what secrets hide behind tradition?

11 reviews


Size 75 ml
Eau de Parfum

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Shaving Soap


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Tonka Bean


11 reviews

Bought this for my partner, mainly because the bottle looks awesome on our fragrance cabinet, however the fragrance is stunning, rich, dark, smokey, this fragrance should be reserved for best, for evenings preferably, great projection, longevity could be better but that's what the pocket atomizer is for, so you can re apply the amazing scent through the evening!

by joseph hilliam

13 Aug 2021

I bought this as a present for my husband. He normally wears Creed and Tom Ford, but was blown away by this fragrance. A winner!!

by Jessica Maximen

12 Aug 2021

Coveted for many years

I started my penhaligons journey with bayolea some years ago, and have owned and loved Lp no 9, no 33 and esprit du roi. However there was always one that I coveted but never took the plunge, I mean £190 for a fragrance is crazy right? Had a little windfall recently and bought Lord George from the Chester store. Was it worth it? Absolutely, would I do it again? Yes!

by roger knight

25 Oct 2020

Luxury fragrance

One of the most wonderful perfume house in the world, and one of the most beautiful men's scents that I smelled in my life. From the first note of perfume comes an overwhelming feeling of splendor and luxury, it is really from the aristocracy, which takes you to the days of luxurious royal concerts, luxurious palaces and classical music, as if you were in the middle of those invited to that elegant ceremony, at that time. Unique, elegant and confident, that feeling that envelops you when you wear Lord George perfume, it is the most beautiful men perfume I have ever tried. @abdullah_alarbash_

by Abdullah Alarbash

29 Jun 2020

Beutiful Smell

My Favorite Perfurm

by Franz Strahm

29 Jan 2020


The Tragedy of Lord George was the first Penhaligons scent I ever encountered, and I have been in love with it ever since. Finally found myself a bottle in a Penhaligon's outlet store whilst on holiday a few months ago and have used it almost every day. It is herbal but as someone who doesn't usually like herbs it blends together extremely well and is not cloying. Definitely a unique fragrance which must be tried at least once to guage how you like it! I would wear this on an evening just before going out because although it's an EDP its longevity isn't its strongest quality you would struggle to get a full day's wear from it. Sillage is good whilst the scent lasts!

by Max Chesnokov

10 May 2019

What A Nice And Original Perfume!

A great addition to the Portrait range. The smell is very original and perfect for men who want to be different from other s when it comes to smelling good in any circumstances.

by Yann RETHO

22 May 2018

Sophisticated And Modern

Amazingly unique and refined. LOVE it!

by Chris Johnston

21 May 2018


This is my first ever in 62 year's total of using aftershaves/ perfumes of the very much cheaper brands from other company's, I have come to a startling reality of a world far exceeding in warmth and culture than the world of splash it all over products, I am well impressed with this beautiful perfume. Penhaligon's where have you been hiding since 1870? In the mortal word's "Ill be back."

by Paul Collins

28 Sep 2017

Exceedingly British

As a user of Creed and Comme Des Garcons, it takes a lot to impress but like other reviewers here Penhaligon's Tragedy of Lord George for me, is in a different orbit. A mature, robust fragrance with so much room for expression. Like your favourite 1000 page novel, it will stay with you for a lifetime.

by Ryan Weir

02 Feb 2017

Proper And Fun

Civil, regal, fun, masculine, love it!

by Billy Hobbs

27 Dec 2016

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Some of the oldest and most distinctive scents in perfumery are fougères, Chypré’s masculine counterpart. French for fern, fougère fragrances tend to have sweet lavender top notes with woodier oakmoss undertones.  


Discover a fragrance family quite unlike any other, where nothing is quite as it seems. Portraits is a tribute to the good old English spirit: stiff upper lip, sharp wit, and a knack for provocation.

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