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The Favourite
The Favourite

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The Favourite

Waiting won't do for this lady. She knows exactly what goes on behind Palace doors, and her golden mimosa sways society's opinion. Her majestic scent of iris and musk greets with a darling smile as she begins to emerge on a sandalwood stage.
8 reviews


Size 100 ml
Eau de Parfum

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8 reviews


Unique incredible mesmerizing

by Savina Kokolaki

01 Oct 2020

The Favourite

A fragrance that can take you anywhere enveloped in the sweet scent of musk. Drench yourself with confidence ......because you know you’re The Favourite !!.

by Oonagh Cassidy

01 Jul 2020

Luella Boutique


by Gemma Ellison

29 Jun 2020

My new favourite

This was a blind buy for me. I love Penhaligon fragrances. My favourites are Artemisia, Luna and Empressa. I read the ingredients in this and thought what the hell. I’m not disappointed. This is my new ‘favourite’. It’s so pretty. Lightly floral, lightly powdery, extremely feminine with just the right amount of sweetness. Don’t me afraid to purchase if you like, pretty fragrances. This is perfection and the bottle is beautiful. Thank you for an amazing fragrance ❤️

by Lisa Clarke

18 May 2020

optimism In a bottle

It’s more than a fragrance, it’s a feeling. A feeling of sunshine and powdery notes of Iris and sandalwood but honestly, the mimosa sold me. This fragrance is my 2020 fragrance, despite what’s going on in the world today this fragrance brings me joy and happiness. I’m looking forward to wearing it this summer when out with friends.

by Surita Dass

27 Apr 2020

Make way for the Queen of Parfums

What I like about this beautiful fragrance is its queenly scent that leaves an evocative smell, hinting on playful memories and creates a luxurious air around one. There are not too many floral notes in this Eau de Parfum, but the golden mimosa is prominent, creating a sense of elegance in a powdery fashion, enveloped by the creamy layer of sandalwood. This baby-pink aroma is the perfect element to elevate one’s day, encapsulating the bold presence of The Favourite’s persona. If you want to feel opulent at minimal effort, then this is a must-have fragrance to have! @zena._

by Zena Choi

24 Apr 2020

The Favourite, always has & always will

This bottle of wonder needs not be introduced. Here we have her wrapped up in a velvet bow waiting to be undone and to rest upon your skin. One may look shy but looks can be deceiving. She shall leave her mark of musc on you and the vanilla cloud will carry you through the day. What a playful sweet fragrance she is! The favourite : always has and always will be. Instagram : aneeka__poetry

by Aneeka Tanveer

23 Apr 2020

Fit for royalty

This scent is perfection! I feel confident and feminine every time I wear this. I have been wearing everyday to keep my spirits high and to feel great even if I am stuck indoors ! The perfect combination between sweet floral & woody. Worth every penny ! @bechoughton x

by Rebecca Houghton

23 Apr 2020

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