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Fragrance family: Floral


For Employees Only - Full-bodied, feminine, and oh so seductive. Vanilla and violet show Ellenesia’s sweet side, but there’s more to discover in this eau de parfum. After all, tuberose only blooms at night...
5 reviews


Size 100 ml
Eau de Parfum

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Head Notes

Mandarin Zest And Violet Leaf.


Heart Notes

Gardenia, Rose, Tuberose And Jasmine


Base Notes

Nectar And Vanilla


5 reviews

Beautiful Light Scent

I love it - unfortunately dropped the entire bottle onto a hard floor as I unwrapped it from shipping ... but now my kitchen smells amazing! :-/

by Stephanie Wolter

18 Jun 2018

Penhaligons Is The Ultimate In Luxury Perfume

I have tried many fragrances over the years...fads come and go...but Penhaligon's remains is the ultimate in luxury and it is so very favorites are Bluebell and Ellenisia...and for my husband...Quercus. These frangrances capture the imagination and more importantly...they last and last into long lovely evenings. This may sound a little silly but I love these perfumes...they simply personify elegance and class.

by Victoria Havard

13 Jun 2018

Absolutely A 5-Star!

This has been an annual Xmas present for my Wife: she loves it and always gets compliments on how wonderful it smells!

by Phillip Hester

11 Dec 2017

A Garden In The North

Ellenisia has often been described as an easy fragance, but in my opinion is just the contrary. It´s easy to wear and easy to love, but when it comes the time of describing the fragance then arises the hesitation, because Ellenisia is lovely and kind but also very protective of her secrets. Just like Elen, the beautiful and graceful Goddess that gives her name and personality to this fragance. Elen often appears in many legens and poems and it´s described as an ethereal creature whose extraordinary beauty, bright as the sun, seems to be from another world. Absolutely innocent and pure but still very sensual and feminine, transparent and evasive, like Ellenisia. Among other floral perfumes Ellenisia stands out for that special recreation of a misty and humid garden that fills out our senses and transports us to the fields of the North, where the woods have a magical halo and the mornings are fresh and pure: true fairytale essence.

by Anaïs Bahillo

18 Apr 2014

Beautiful Nymph

Sweet and sensual, Ellenisia is the fragance of an eternal youth. If you close your eyes and inhale it slowly you´ll find a vigorous and fresh fragance, but also soft and powdery, translucent and cold, sweet and juicy. Despite its conflicting nature, Ellenisia is a beautiful perfume indeed and, personally, I think that´s precisely the main virtue and charm of this fragance: the duality, that delicious tension between sensuality and purity. Just like the true nature of a nymph of the north, absolutely innocent and pure but still very sensual and feminine, transparent and evasive, and yet something you cannot help but love and admire it. Just as Ellenisia, the fragrance of the magical feminity and the misterious innocence. This fragance is perfect for every day of the year

by Anaïs Bahillo

14 Apr 2014

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A diverse fragrance family of soliflores (single-note florals) and floral bouquets (created from several floral sources). Some are sweet, others green or spicy. There’s a floral for every mood.

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