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If you go down to the woods today... a fragrant carpet of bluebells awaits. Breathe deep. Citrus, hyacinth, clove. An eau de toilette reminiscent of childhood escapades in the fresh, dewy spring.

7 reviews

If you go down to the woods today... a fragrant carpet of bluebells awaits. Breathe deep. Citrus, hyacinth, clove. An eau de toilette reminiscent of childhood escapades in the fresh, dewy spring.

7 reviews

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Eau de Toilette

Eau de Toilette

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Reviews 7 reviews
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Spring. 1992. Barefoot, cheeks flushed, hide & seek in the woods. The scent of Bluebells fills the air & the woods are carpeted with their vivid hue. You are enveloped in youthful joy, sunshine & that hazy scent. You wish you could capture it forever. Decades later. Christmas. London. Shopping with your lover. Regents Street. A scent that takes you back to childhood fills your senses. You breathe in the memories. The scent you couldn't capture is now before you, bottled with a bow. Its everything you remember & as it is gift-wrapped, a new love affair is born. A scent soul mate. @tuckshoppe

By Harriet Tucker 30 Jun 2020


This is yet another fantastic fragrance by this amazing House. I remember using it 20 or more years ago, and decided to revisit lately. With no regrets. Even better nowadays. I have the feeling that it smells even fresher and lighter than before. And it does smell like the real flower. I have tried other bluebell fragrances (by other houses, I mean) but there is no comparison. A fragrant carpet of blue petals in a breezy Summer day. What is not to love?

By Andrea Marques 11 May 2018

Bluebell Is My Favourite

Penhaligon's is my fragrance of choice and Bluebell is my favourite. I also have Iris Prima, Orange Blossom, Malabah, Artemesia, LP no 9 and Elixir. I absolutely love them all but Bluebell is the one I turn to when happy on a sunny or misty day to evoke being in a bluebell wood. it works on most ages - timeless, and intriguing.

By Linda Turton 10 Jul 2017

My First Penhaligon'S

I fell in love with this perfume while I smell it during the clearance in House of Fraser on oxford street, then I instantly decide to get a 50ml one. The scent is very recognisable, gentle and smoothy. It makes me feel I am elegant every time I wear this. I have become the biggest fan of Penhaligon's after purchasing this. I believe that I will get a 100ml one next time, I am really happy with this scent. xx

By I-Hsuan Chen 09 Aug 2016

Never Feel Blue With Bluebell!

Mist yourself with Bluebell then just close your eyes. It is Spring and the bluebells are swaying like scudding blue skies. As you breathe in their scent your senses are reeling. Penhaligon's Bluebell gives you that comforting feeling.

By Valerie Plater 26 Jul 2016

Wild Hyacinth, Rain In The Woods

Have you ever smell a fragance and inmediately be transported to a place connected with your childhood? That´s the magic of some rare parfums. Like this tender fragance, “Bluebell”. In my case this olfactory illusion turns more significative because I was born in the very north of Spain, where the weather is cold and rainy, and the woods are deep, green and mossy. In my child microcosm the smell of wet earth always represented the sense of smell by excellence which is precisely the picture that creates “Bluebell” with its beautiful fragance. If I close my eyes I can feel I´m there, in the woods, surrounded by pure nature and intense hyacinth. I can smell the rain. Beauty by the sake of beauty, scent of youth,“Bluebell” is a powerful but ethereal fragrance that uncannily evokes the smell of wild hyacinth, freshly cut leaves and stems from a garden dripping with dew. A fascinating fragance that has inmediatly turned to be my favourite.

By Anaïs Bahillo 11 Aug 2014


I hadn't worn this for a few years but had small amount left which I sprayed upon myself the other day. Hubby, who normally never notices perfume aromas, immediately complemented and announced he had always liked Bluebell - I, astounded then bought another bottle. I do love the initial top notes, that lovely nutty splendore I wish it would last longer. The dry down is very talcum powderish and long lasting.

By Lady Jane Parker-Clark 06 Jun 2014

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