PENHALIGON’S LIMITED, with registered office at 1 Cathedral Piazza, SW1E 5BP London (United Kingdom) and Company Number 02110619 (the “Organising Company”), is organising from 15th September – 20th September (for UK and EU customers) or until stocks last, both inclusive, a contest named “The Legacy of Petra Game” (the “Contest”).



Joining the Contest implies that the participant fully accepts the terms and conditions set forth in these regulations (the “Regulations”). Anyone breaching any articles of these Regulations will be prevented from participating in the Contest and will also become ineligible for any prize obtained, as the case may be.
The Regulations can be consulted in the website (the “Website”) while the Contest is in force. The Organising Company reserves the right to modify at any time the Regulations and to adopt all decisions which may consider relevant for the application and interpretation of the Regulations. 

o    The Contest will be accessible 24 hours a day through the website link:

Conditions of participation:

Participation in the Contest is opened to any individual:
•    Older than 18 years old or of legal age according to the participant’s place of residence regulation
•    With access to Internet
It is excluded to any employee of the Organising Company, or of PUIG companies group, and any person who directly or indirectly has participated in the design, execution and/or management of the Contest, as well as members of their immediate family (ascendant, descendant and collateral). 
Participants not providing all requested data or inaccurate, false and/or incomplete data, as well as those failing to meet the conditions stated in these Regulations, will not be admitted. 

Operating of the Contest:

To join the Contest, participants must play The Legacy of Petra Game on the Website.

•  Gold, Silver and Bronze prizes will only be awarded to orders of £110/€130 and above.
•  Only one prize will be awarded per order of £110/€130 and above.

•  Platinum prize will only be awarded to orders of £110/€130 and above
•  Only one Platinum Prize to be awarded each day to the first customer collecting three jewels. 

•  Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, promotion or discounted product or discount code.
•  Participants can access the game from the homepage and various links on the site (
•  Participants can find clear instructions on how to play the game and win prizes in the game window
•  Participants have 5 attempts to complete the game per session and can clearly see how many attempts they have left.
•  After the 5th attempt, the player cannot play again unless they return to the site the next day.

•  One Gold, Silver or Bronze prize will be awarded per session and only to orders of £110/€130 and above.
•  One Platinum prize will be awarded per session and only to orders of £110/€130 and above.

•  Participants will clearly see the prize level and product they have won in the prize window with an eligible purchase order and add the prize to their bag
•  Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, promotion or discounted product or discount code. 
•  Penhaligon’s reserves the right to withdraw, delay, interrupt, or postpone the promotion or to modify all or part of the modalities of the present rules without incurring any liability.
•  Penhaligon’s will only accept returns of products complete with the accompanying prize.
• Customers cannot change or exchange the prize they have won online in a Penhaligon's physical store.
• The Legacy of Petra is open to UK and EU customers.


Participants can win one prize per session from the 3 prizes from below according to the score: 

•    Petra 100ml

•    Lothair Unboxed 100ml
•    Blenheim Bouquet Unboxed Candle
•    Halfeti Travel Collection

Only one Platinum Prize to be awarded each day.

The prizes cannot be exchanged, modified nor exchanged for a financial compensation or equivalent. The Organising Company reserves the right to replace the prize by another one of equal value without being subject to any claim or complaint.
In any event the Organising Company shall not be held liable when the winner cannot obtain the prizes for circumstances not attributable to the Organising Company. 
The winner will have to evidence that is of legal age according to its place of residence regulation by providing a copy of his/her National Identity Card or passport in force should the Organising Company requests it. If he/she is under of legal age according to its place of residence regulation, his/her participation in the Contest shall be automatically void.


Joining the Contest implies awareness and acceptance of the characteristics, limits and risks of Internet.  The Organising Company shall not be held liable for malfunctions that may affect Internet, configuration problems or tied to a particular browser or to the Website.
The Organising Company cannot be held liable for any damage caused to the participants, their computer equipment and/or the data stored therein.
The Organising Company forbids participants to modify the format of the Contest by any means. In this regard, the Organising Company reserves the right to enforce equal opportunities for participants, particularly by the courts or by any other means at your convenience.
Furthermore, any attempt to use the Contest outside the non-modified interface operating on the Website will be considered as an attempted fraud. Disintegration of the Contest, using of personal script or any other method meant to bypass the Contest as foreseen in these Regulations will also be considered as attempted fraud and will lead to the immediately elimination of the participant.
The Organising Company reserves the right to cancel, delay, interrupt and/or postpone the Contest or to modify all or part of the modalities of the Regulations without incurring in any liability. 
Access and, as the case may be, register of each participant to Facebook and/or Instagram (or the corresponding social network, as the case may be) is governed by the terms and conditions foreseen by each social network and, therefore, the Organising Company shall not be held liable of any infringement to such terms and conditions caused by any participant. 
It is expressly stated that Facebook and Instagram or any other social media platform do not promote, endorse or manage in any way the Contest and are not associated with it. Facebook and Instagram or the relevant social media platform are exonerated of all responsibility in relation to the Contest.


The personal data provided by each participant within the Contest will be included into a file owned by PENHALIGON’S LIMITED, with the purpose of managing the Contest, as well as to send commercial and/or promotional information. 
The personal data provided by the participants will be kept for a period of 1 years after the termination of the Contest. The legal basis for data processing is the consent of the users who provides it by accepting this Regulation. It will be necessary for the participant to fill in the fields marked as "mandatory" in the corresponding form. Failure to provide all personal data required by PENHALIGON’S LIMITED could imply incomplete attention to the requested application.
The data may be communicated to other companies of the PENHALIGON’S and PUIG GROUP for the same purposes above referred, to a travel agency for the travel arrangements and to a public Notary who, if appropriate, organizes the draw.
The participants can exercise their rights of access to personal data, as well as request the rectification of inaccurate data or, where appropriate, request its deletion when the data is no longer necessary for the purposes that were collected, the limitation, portability and opposition of their data, in certain circumstances and for reasons related to their particular situation.  
The users may exercise the rights above referred, under the terms and conditions provided in the law in force, at the registered office of PENHALIGON’S or request it by email to [[email protected]] (ref. Contest “The Legacy of Petra Game”). In the event that the users do not obtain a satisfactory answer and wish to make a claim or obtain more information about any of these rights, they can go to the Information Commissioner’s Office ( 
By joining the Contest, each participant accepts that the Organising Company shall use own and third party cookies, of session form (Google Analytics) for the purpose of allowing their browsing through the Website. Cookies are automatic procedures of collection of information regarding the specific preferences of the user within user’s visit to a specific website. The participant can configure his/her browser to accept or refuse all the cookies or to receive a notice in the computer informing of the reception of each cookie and to decide in that moment its introduction or not in the hard disk. The procedures for blocking and deleting cookies may change from one Internet browser to another, so that the participant shall check carefully the instructions of Internet’s browser. If the participant wants to reject the use of cookies, he/she may still use the Website but may have limited access to some of the services.


To attend any potential claim regarding the Contest they must be submitted in writing to PENHALIGON’S LIMITED, 123 Victoria Street, 1 Cathedral Piazza, SW1E 5BP London or by e-mail to [email protected] (ref. Claim – Contest “The Legacy of Petra Game”), no later than one month after the deadline for joining the Contest. 
In the case of dispute on the application or interpretation of these rules and in absence of an amicable agreement, all litigation will be subject to the Courts of Law of England and Wales. 

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