My my, aren’t you the mysterious one? A man of worldly proportions, often said to be utterly fascinating and incredibly exotic, much like his scent. You’re giddy on the stuff called culture and have many a tale to tell about the less trodden paths you’ve taken. You’re ready to spread your continental ideas to anyone who’ll listen, and last time we checked they were queuing round the block.

Gifts To Cause A Stir

We all have our own definition of the perfect gift. But there’s little debate as to where it will be found. Why, Penhaligon’s of course. Consider these fragrances, won’t you? Your recipient will be delighted, no matter how they take their gifts.

Eau de Parfum

Arthur sheaths his silver spoon and words like a sword. Now, fresh from the East, he’s mastered sage wisdom. So, that devil Lord George best keep his brother sweet. When incensed, he breathes fire.

£220.00 75 ml
Eau de Cologne

Classical elegance befitting of Zeus’s most handsome son. A sparkle of bergamot dances off suede, coffee and geranium. An eau de cologne for the ages. Who can resist a man such as this?

£125.00 100 ml

This Hand Will Win Their Heart


Discover Gifting

It’s said that love’s gifts cannot be given. Halfeti begs to differ. Fall for the heady scent of spiced rose, oud and amber with this scented bath soap – triple-milled for an exquisitely rich lather.

£22.00 150 g

Wake up to the smell of coffee, and Zeus’s most handsome son. A deodorant of bold bergamot, geranium and a smooth suede sunrise. There are better places to dig one’s nose into than the pillow.

£24.00 75 ml

Unusual – a cold sensation of Sichuan pepper. And now, warmth. Woods and saffron have that effect, you know. Rose petals break the seal and, light, the dawn. A scented candle that spouts no nonsense.​ 

£60.00 200 g

Cuban smoke drifts through the gentlemen’s club like laughter… Wood-panelled walls. Soft leather armchairs. From Havana to St. James’s, a candle for superior tastes.​ 

Now, will someone light my cigar?​ 

£60.00 200 g
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